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Software development and support

We offer new system development, as well as the acquisition of existing systems from other suppliers. We have experience with a broad range of sectors and technologies, so we are more than ready to offer you an optimal and long-term software development services solution.

IT infrastructure

We can offer infrastructure preparation services, to host the software made by Notas IT or other companies. Also, we can migrate systems from one infrastructure to another, and update runtime server versions, for instance, from PHP 7 to PHP 8.

API integration

We create and maintain microservices that can help integrate two systems without modifying their source code. Also, we can modify the existing system, to make it communicate with other platforms.

We have experience with following platforms:

  2. SalesForce
  3. Project44
  4. Transics

We can deploy an integration system both in your and our servers. If you choose our infrastructure, the integration will be performed using the Flow34 (our product) system.

EDI integration

We can integrate your system with other systems using EDI systems. EDI integration can be a long and technical knowledge-intensive process. We have experience integrating the system with manufacturers like Volkswagen, Daimler, Ford, and Jaguar, so our knowledge speeds up the process and helps to make the integration in an optimum amount of time.

Software deployment automatization

To save time and resources, we automatize the deployment of all systems that we are developing. Manual deployment usually takes 10-15 minutes, is very tedious, and is very error-prone. The automatized process is much more stable and much quicker.

Performance optimization

One of the most usual complaints about the systems - is slow performance. Usually, one small optimization is enough to make the system work much faster. We have collected a broad range of diagnostics tools that allow us to quickly identify and optimize slow parts of the system.

We usually receive similar requests from our clients:

  • Do we use the newest version of licensed software systems? Are our current versions secure enough?
  • How can we improve the system's performance without rewriting its code?
  • Does the budget look legit to implement our needs?

By making a detailed analysis we can easily answer to these and other similar questions.