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Software solutions that power your business.

About Us

NOTAS IT - professional and ambitious software development company located in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Our objectives - clear communication, thoroughly planned tasks and creative solutions.

For us, it is most important that our solutions improve operational processes and help business to grow. Because of that, we focus on convenience, performance, and modern technologies.

Our team consists of software development experts who each have more than 4 years of engineering experience.

It is worth choosing us because:

  • We are working in a very broad technology and business sphere scope.
  • We are using a modern project management system, that allows monitoring the execution of tasks in real-time.
  • We orientate to grow, so we can propose a competitive price.
  • We are always seeking for long-term business relationship.
  • Our experts have acquired international project management and software development certificates.

We collaborate with:

  • Private enterprise and government sectors
  • Transport, logistics, sales, accountancy, search, registry, management, and lots of other different business spheres

We can take full responsibility for the project, or offer a dedicated developer.